rsz_ser_3955Photo: Serge Batyrshin

Sonic Cliff hanger, audio hair stylist, vinyl roaster, dance drum bass beater, tweeter bleeder, acoustic emotionalist and trackmaster. Only a small portion of what comes to mind when you listen closely to !lyaO’s work.

Doing shows up and down the east coast this DC native takes styles and makes you take a double-take. What you thought you knew, is never what you really did. Elevating music to another level, you have to expect the unexpected at every show and every performance. Call him a loose cannon or mix vibe rebel, call him what you want. Just make sure call this heavy hitter when its time crunch time.

After years of schlepping vinyl, accumulating broken needles and dressing smart, !lyaO has finally become the man to call to make the supporters go crazy. Ask him and he’ll tell you this is the moment he’s been waiting for all this career.